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This Jelly is also called Petrolatum or Vaseline, is a translucent, yellowish to amber or white, unctuous substance having almost no odour or taste, derived from petroleum and used principally in medicine and pharmacy as a protective dressing and as a substitute for fats in ointments and cosmetics. It is also used in many types of polishes and in lubricating greases, rust preventives, and modeling clay. India is a large manufacturer of petroleum jelly.
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petroleum jelly   Jellies for Cosmetics

Our Jellies are available in a variety of colours and consistencies.

In the cosmetics industry, it is mainly used as as a base material and to increase consistency. The effect of jelly in the formulations of cosmetic products is chiefly due to its highly lipophilic character. Petrolatum is used as a masking ointment, as a vehicle system for peripheral active substances, and as a base for hydrophilic systems containing emulsifiers.  Petroleum Jellies add lubricity and moisture resistance to lotions, creams, ointments, and hand cleaners.

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White petrolatum has a wide range of uses. It is a constituent of many products, including barrier creams, hand cleansing pastes, body lotions, hair care products, hand and skin creams, lip-care sticks and foot creams. In milking grease formulations the proportion of petroleum jelly may even be as high as 100%.

The most important properties of petrolatum which include melting point, consistency, fiber length and color are controlled to close tolerances by using carefully selected raw materials and the most advanced methods of manufacturing.

The fiber length of these grades is medium to long which is the most desirable for pharmaceutical and cosmetics use.

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Some Key Properties and Effects of Petrolatum:
Impermeable, airtight and waterproof, resulting in a good local circulation, hydration and swelling of the stratum corneum (horny layer)
Improved absorption of the active substance from the base.  We also export  pharmaceutical jelly and vaseline in consumer packs.

Please contact us if you require samples of our jellies, which we can send provided you approve our price,

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The information provided on this page is, to the best of our knowledge accurate, however, it is subject to change without prior notice.  We assume no liability for the completeness of it or errors in it.  Current and final specifications and datasheets can be obtained by contacting us

manufacturer of Petroleum Jelly petrolatum


Applications of Jellies

Creams and lotions
Petroleum jellies
Hair products
Lip balms
Absorption bases

Ophthalmic ointments
Topical ointments
Dental adhesives
Petroleum gauzes

Food Industry
Animal feed supplements
Coatings for fruits & vegetables
Food packaging materials

Plastics & Elastomers
PVC - external lubricants

Modeling clays
General purpose lubricants
Shoe polishes
Discoverer and the first producer of Petrolatun was Robert Chesebrough in 1859 in Brooklyn, New York. Chesebrough was intrigued by the paraffin-like substance that stuck to the drilling rigs. All the riggers hated the stuff because it caused the rigs to seize up, but they did use it on cuts and burns because it helped them heal faster. Chesebrough bottled the jelly and took it back to his office where he tested it on himself.

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