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Paraffin Oils is a young company incepted with the aim to minister to the  needs of a snowballing Petroleum Industry.  Headquartered at the financial capital of India, Mumbai, its operations encompass the Middle East, Africa, CIS, South America, Europe and Australia.

Our Motto

Continual widening of business horizons is the key propeller of the company, which it believes can only be achieved by customer allegiance, thereby customer retention and customer expansion. 

Customer Savvy Team

Every business has a religion, likewise, at Paraffin Oils, the religion is ethical business practices and devotion to its customers.   Customers are guaranteed an individual attention and a pleasant experience, backed by a dependable team, consistent quality and timely deliveries.  Whether a regular high-volume buyer or a new low-volume buyer, the entire staff is heedful about the buyers needs and delivers the best possible services.  Paraffin Oils needs to establish a perpetual and robust business relationship, and not just a one-time deal.  These relationships drive our business and expand our markets.

What We Do

We presently export:

- Pharmaceutical White Oils
- Petroleum Jellies
- Technical White Oils
- Specialty Oils
- Lubricants

Paraffin Oils does not retail as yet, but it does wholesale consumer packs for the retail industry as per the customer's requirements.

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