Specifications of White Petroleum Jelly or White Petrolatum


Petroleum Jelly White (IP/BP/USP)


Snow White translucent solid mass, odourless, tasteless


Insoluble in water and alcohol

Melting Range oC

Between 44 to 56

U.V. Absorption of 1 cm

Extinction, E= 0.04 to 0.1

Layer of 0.05% w/v Soln. in ISO-octane at 290 mm

(Limit Max. 0.5)

Acidity or Alkalinity


Sulphated Ash

0.05 % (Limit max. 0.1%)

Consistency at 25oC

Between 175 to 200 (Limit 100 to 300)

Additional Tests


Specific Gravity @ 60oC

0.81 to 0.83

Volatile Matter

0.6 to 0.8 %

Organic Acid

Passes the test

Bleeding Number

Maximum 28 mm (Limit max. 30 mm)

Carbonisable Impurities



Skin ointments, Ophthalmic ointments, Dermal Ointments, Balms, Cold Creams etc. covering Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals


Net 170 kgs / 15 kgs in MS Drums and Tins

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