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Some Facts

Petroleum Jelly  has been employed for skin care for over 125 years. From its humble beginnings in the very early nineteenth century as ointment to relieve skin abrasions, it has now ramified in to a bevy of products, used in a broad spectrum of applications .

 Consumer Packings


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Petroleum Jelly

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 Consumer Packs - Petroleum Jelly and Paraffin Oils
We supply white and yellow petroleum jelly conforming to IP/BP/USP in a range of packing options  like 25 g, 40 g, 100 g (3.75 oz), 225 g. (8 oz.), 368 g (13 oz.), 500 g etc in HDPE & PP containers.  Depending upon your requirements, we can blend it with fragrance of your choice.

Petroleum Jelly
 Consumer Packs
Different Packing Types of Petroleum Jelly

Liquid Paraffin is also available in a variety of sizes such as 100ml,200ml,400ml,etc pet and glass bottles

You may also want to check out Petroleum Jelly for Pharmaceuticals and for Cosmetic, there are two kinds, white and yellow.

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The information provided on this page is, to the best of our knowledge accurate, however, it is subject to change without prior notice.  We assume no liability for the completeness of it or errors in it.  Current and final specifications and datasheets can be obtained by contacting us

Applications of Petroleum Jelly

Creams and lotions
Petroleum jellies
Hair products
Lip balms
Absorption bases

Ophthalmic ointments
Topical ointments
Dental adhesives
Petroleum gauzes

Food Industry
Animal feed supplements
Coatings for fruits & vegetables
Food packaging materials

Plastics & Elastomers
PVC - external lubricants

Modeling clays
General purpose lubricants
Shoe polishes

Petroleum Products

Petroleum Jelly

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