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Natural Beeswax has vital skin nourishing property, which has given it an edge over the other synthetic waxes so far. Crude Beeswax is collected from the right sources and refined in a specially designed process, so as to help retain its unique properties. We supply bulk yellow beeswax and white bees wax confirming to various pharmacopeias. These products are widely used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations.

Specifications of Natural Beeswax


Typical Specifications


White or Yellowish pieces with a fine grained, matt and non-crystalline fracture

Drop Point

61 - 65 C

Acid Value

17 to 24

Ester Value

70 to 80

Ratio number

3.3 to 4.3

Iodine Value

Less than 3

Saponification Value

87 to 104

Ceresin, Paraffin & Other Waxes

Passes Test

Glycerol & Other - Polyols

Passes Test

 Click here to download Natural Beeswax specifications

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees and has found application in a bevy of industries. The tendencies of beeswax of emuslifying, moisturising, forming layer or film and emolliency make it an ideal ingredient for a multitude of cosmetics and dermatological preparations. Beeswax also acts as a thickening agent and has soothing or softening properties. Our wax is offered in 25 kg Cartons.We can arrange for samples of Natural Beeswax once you approve our prices. 

Other waxes we supply are microcrystalline wax and emulsifying wax
If you require any further information regarding Natural Beeswax, please contact us

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The information provided on this page is, to the best of our knowledge accurate, however, it is subject to change without prior notice.  We assume no liability for the completeness of it or errors in it.  Current and final specifications and datasheets can be obtained by contacting us

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