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White Oil

White mineral oils are non-fluorescent, hydrophobic, tasteless and odourless products consisting of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic nonpolar hydrocarbons that are used not only in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, but also in the food industry, as they are amongst the most versatile of petroleum products. Links

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manufacturer of light liquid paraffin oil
 Pharmaceutical White Oil  - Liquid Paraffins

White oils are predominantly used as base materials for various ointments, lotions and other pharmaceutical preparations, functioning as consistency regulators.

By virtue of our ability to tap raw materials of a consistently good quality, we can alter the properties of these white oils like viscosity, specific gravity and other properties to suit your requirements.

Characteristics Light Liquid Paraffin Oil - IP/BP/USP
Appearance Colourless and clear oily liquid free from odour
Solubility Insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in chloroform & solvent, either
Weight / ml @ 20oC 0.830 to 0.873
Kinematic Viscosity@ 37.8oC 11 to 18 CST (Limit Max. 30 CST)
Colour Saybolt +30
Reaction Neutral
Readily Carbonisable Substance Test Passes
Sulphur Compounds Passes
Light Absorption at 240 - 280 mm (Limit Max. 0.1) 0.022 to 0.048
Packing 205 Ltrs
Applications Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Hair Oils, Baby Oils, Lubrication, Food Processing etc.
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Some Key Properties and Effects:

White Oils are Lipophilic and emollient with a strong occlusive effect.  White oils also reduce loss of moisture by skin.

Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil Pharmaceutical Grade

We also manufacture Technical grade of Liquid Paraffins / White Oil/ Mineral Oil

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The information provided on this page is, to the best of our knowledge accurate, however, it is subject to change without prior notice.  We assume no liability for the completeness of it or errors in it.  Current and final specifications and datasheets can be obtained by contacting us

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Applications of White Oils

Creams and lotions
Hair Oils, Baby Oils


Food Industry
Bakery pan oils
Divider oils
Food packaging materials
Food grade lubricants & greases

Plastics & Elastomers
Polystyrene - internal lubricants
PVC - external lubricants
Plastics annealing
Catalyst carriers
Thermoplastic rubber - extender oils

Household cleaners & polishes


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manufacturer of light liquid paraffin oil

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